Confidential Discrete Staffing

Contract Staffing
CZ Staffing has a wide network of skilled Construction, Commissioning and Operations personnel. Task CZ with those hard to fill postions.


Position Exclusivity
When you contract CZ Staffing to assist you with a position, we will not work for any other firm on that specific position. Often a position will go out to many agencies at once. If you come to us, we will only work for you on that position.

Direct-Hire/Executive Search
CZ Staffing will assist you in sourcing direct hire employees. Whether you need craft or management, we will work tirelessly to find the perfect candidate for you.


Flexible Agreement Options
Direct-hire placements we work on a 50-50 split with other firms and a 15% fee on first year salary for firms we work with directly.
Contract/hourly workers we charge an hourly rate dependent on the position and the length of contract. Minimum $1/hour per candidate.
Contact cory AT czstaffing DOT com to discuss your staffing needs.